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Benefits of Being A Contributor - Let's Count The Ways.......

  • Showcase Your Expertise In Your Field
  • Highlight Your Language-Speaking Skills
  • Connect  With Other Contributors
  • Easy Self-Service Upload of Content
  • Receive Invitations to Networking Events 
  • Market Your Business in Multi-Media Formats
  • Build Links to Your Own Website Improving its SEO
  • Leverage Our Hub and Social Media and Marketing Channels for Free
  • Gain New Clients and Business Relationships!

General Rules on Content

All Content should be in English and contain useful, issue-based information (i.e. not too technical nor simply a sales pitch).

Written Content should preferably be a maximum of 1000-1500 words in length. Audio/Video files should be 3 (max 5) minutes in length. If you need audio or video production assistance at competitive rates, please let us know!

All contributions on the site are posted at no cost to the Contributor, including your website address, photo, credentials and contact details accessible to registered Members of the site.
PLEASE NOTE: You need to contribute Content in order for your profile and contact details to appear!
A Few Easy Steps To Self-Service Published Content! (firstly, print this page below for reference)
1.    Log-In firstly, as a returning Contributor or Register as a Contributor for the first time. You must be registered in order that we know your profile and credentials! Be sure to include your correct email address, languages you speak and your website url.
2.    Review the categories/sub-categories and existing postings in the Find An Expert Database to confirm that that your Content in your chosen category should be fresh and of interest to the audience. You can also use the "Site Search" function on the Home Page.
3.    Once you have a "Title", "Category" and "Sub-Category" in mind, follow the instructions by clicking on the link in the "View" tab on your Profile to "ADD YOUR CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE/OTHER CONTENT" for placement in the database. You can also add LINKS TO audio/video files. 
4.     PLEASE DO NOT submit any written Content as an uploaded and attached file. 
5.   For the submission, insert a Title, choose the appropriate Category and Sub-Category in which the Content is to appear, input a written paragraph or two in "Introduction", and then input the main body of your Content, links and any needed attachments in the "Main Text" section. If you wish to see an example of how the format appears online, you can see an example here.
6.  For links to other websites in your text, simply highlight the text you wish to link,  then click the globe-shaped icon box above the Main Text box and insert the appropriate website address. 
7.    Once you have input your Content, click "SAVE" at the bottom of the page. 
8.    Once tyou SAVE, The HOWTOinUSA Team automatically receives your Content for review and you will be notified by return email.
9.    Wait for further communication from the HOWTOinUSA Team regarding your Content, possibly with a suggestion to discuss briefly in order to finalize publication on the site. 
10. The HOWTOinUSA Team publishes the Content with further notification to you and social media sites!
Now really, could we make it any simpler?!....
For additional questions, please also refer to our FAQ Page for Contributors. Please contact should you need more specific help.
And don't forget!..... If you wish, place an advertisement or import a banner logo also and we will seek to combine it with your Content. Refer to Advertising Options and Pricing for more details. 
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